Course Reviews

The Realm of Jesus Christ

by Christine K.

"After going through this, I realized I received a sense of the Father that was inviting, good, kind and One I would be glad to approach and know. Realizing how rare this really is."

Dimensions of Grace

by Florita S.

"Great lesson. Great course. I have a different perspective on my relationship with the Lord now than before I started this course. This lesson in particular has helped to answer some questions I had about my own path and others whom I've encountered. Thank you, so much!"

Reality of the Kingdom

by Kimberly M.

"Understanding God's Kingdom as His government which needs officers appointed to governmental positions helps in understanding the 5-fold ministry. It brings authority and credibility to the 5-fold positions, specifically to that of Apostle and Prophet."

Intro to Spiritual Warfare

by Anthonese B.

“Oh yeah! The call to spiritual maturity is going to be key for massive breakthrough!”

Unlocking the Mysteries of Prayer

by Betty R.

“Oh, my goodness! I have always known there are hidden mysteries and secrets, a book within a book! Oh, this is soooo exciting! :-) I now know why the Lord has been saying to me to eat this Word. Thank you, thank you Daniel, I am so blessed :-) Oh! and I can’t wait to do my homework :-)”

The Kingdom of God and the End Times

by Matthew R.

“Thank you for this course! I’m inspired and empowered to pursue my calling with renewed excitement.”

Advanced Deliverance

by Nancy C.

"Awesome prayer, understanding there is so much to learn, but certainly see the need to cover all of these in prayer for protection and guidance."

Inner Healing Ministry Fundamentals

by Ethel C. F.

“I did my counselling training at a Bible College and I remember we were asked the question if we thought the spirit and the soul were separate or the same thing. I was confused but nothing more was said at that time. I am very grateful for Daniels clear teaching on just the soul and the spirit but how the heart fits into the equation. Great stuff.”

How to Minister to the Human Spirit

by Joanne B.

“This lesson brought clarification in a personal way to what I'd been going through the past several years. I had felt my spirit was activated and then it was not. I was pretty discouraging and I was feeling dull because of it. The lesson was encouraging that I'd not done anything wrong, it was trauma and I needed spirit healing and refreshing--and reviving and I've been working on it.”

More on Dimensions of Grace

- Avah F.

“I am absolutely loving the entire teaching on Grace! I'm looking at how I pray and now believing the Lord for every aspect of His Grace and Ability to be activated in every area of my walk with the Lord! Thank you for this teaching! It's a real game changer. Many in the BofC are ignorant of the true power of grace because they just don't know. Thank you!!”